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The workplace becomes smart

A tool for encouraging employees to get involved in the company’s day-to-day business, thanks to instruments aimed at integrating work and social relationships. Allinapp (APP + desktop) is designed to simplify and improve corporate communication and information usability, resulting in a significant increase in productivity and a sense of belonging among employees.


employees in the company’s day-to -day business, thanks to tools aimed at integrating work and social relationships


productivity, thanks to improved information sharing.


cohesion and sense of belonging among employees, thus promoting the transmission of corporate values

Why choose AllinApp

The tool aims to promote cohesion between employees and the company as a driving force for the development of enterprises willing to increase their competitive advantage. This leads to a more streamlined information and goal sharing process thanks to up to date, effective work tools. Designed for mobile devices but also usable in a desktop environment, Allinapp combines, within the same App, an area with strictly work-related functions and another area dedicated to employee socialization. It comes in both the custom- made and ready- to-use versions.

Custom made

Ideal for meeting the needs of medium / large companies at best. A team of professionals will suggest the necessary actions to integrate the app into the company’s systems.

Ready to use

This solution enables the immediate use of a data & information sharing system with no need for integration into the company IT systems.

Main features

> Corporate directory and function chart> Internal Messenger> Shift Management
> Document repository
> Communications
> Bulletin board
> News area
> Car pooling

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The workplace becomes smart