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A process sharing and optimization platform

This web platform is designed to support companies in managing their environmental and safety processes (archiving, planning and control). Process planning, monitoring and sharing are made practical and reliable. As a modular system, GISCO is particularly intuitive and performing, and features a set of tools that can be activated according to the client’s specific demands.


and makes immediately usable all information relating to sites, activated processes, recorded assets, scheduled actions, as well as envisaged responsibilities and controls.

Organizes and supports

administrative and authorization processes, mandatory activities provided for both by law and the prescriptive framework indicated by the Bodies involved


back office management activities and reduces the time needed to search and access information, with significant savings for the company

Why choose Gisco

Main scopes of use

Gisco is a versatile and powerful management tool which is customizable to suit the company’s needs.
> Permitting activity
> Management systems
> Security
> Remediation of contaminated sites
> Management of real estate and technical assets
> Preparation of sustainability reports and NFD

Manages corporate processes