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In partnership with qualified training institutes, we have developed training projects in the technical / IT field with high quality standards.

In a constantly evolving market, training can be regarded as an optimal investment and for this reason, it should be implemented in such a way as to maintain the company’s competitiveness. Such paths are aimed at adapting the skills of the professional figures upon their entry into the company (such as high school graduates or recent graduates), as well as enabling the growth of internal resources to respond to ever-changing needs or to the introduction of new technologies.

Training for companies

Skills are fundamental and today, more than ever, technology and training are at the basis of the turning point in industrial production. The impact of the current technological, digital and industrial revolution is more than obvious. Such paradigm opens up new frontiers for the entrepreneurial world while introducing an innovative cultural approach. Along with technology, training is essential in guiding companies along the path towards the digital revolution. Technologies, high competence and ongoing training are three fundamental assets for Benefind, which offer the possibility of organizing customized corporate training modules to ensure proper upgrading of employee skills, facilitating, at the same time, the introduction and use of innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

Benefind Academy

We strive to keep our operational standards constant and at a high level, and since we operate in a constantly evolving market, we have devised a model to ensure the ongoing growth of our resources.

Such training paths are addressed to new recruits to facilitate their integration into the company, and also to our consolidated employees to enable them to stay up to date with technological and digital innovations. The courses take place at the Florence office and consist of theoretical and practical lessons. Benefind Academy is definitely a privileged gateway to the employment world.

The training courses are addressed to:
– Graduates in the field of information technology or science
– New graduates in information technology, mathematics, statistics and engineering
– Those who do not hold specific qualifications but show a strong attitude towards the IT world and are in search of new job opportunities

Advanced IT consulting