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Activities and Services

IT Factory

Our vocation is to support businesses in digitalizing their IT processes, both through custom projects and the adoption of programs created by third-party companies, of which Benefind is a premium reseller.

As regards custom projects, our flexibility allows us to adapt to the client’s needs so as to operate in full service mode (which entails managing the entire process, from the collection of requirements up to analysis, development, testing and go live), while taking part directly in several distinct phases of modules the client may decide to outsource, by defining the relevant guidelines.

Software Solutions

The Benefind development team works in perfect synergy with the analysis and testing team with the aim of delivering solutions that combine usability and performance. Several products are realized in partnership with other IT companies, whose activities are complimentary to our own, with a view to achieve efficient and reliable solutions.

IT Analysis and Support

Benefind offers IT consultancy in the main languages and development areas, as well as support for software testing and systems engineering activities. Moreover, as regards the application management area, the company stands out for its ability to deliver services with an adequate balance between development and functional support activities.

& Software reseller

We are not only speaking of custom or proprietary projects; in fact, Benefind has selected some reliable and highly performing software solutions produced by partner companies, for which it acts as intermediary with client companies by carrying out pre and post sales consultancy and assistance. With a view to providing an integrated service, Benefind has developed technologically advanced hardware systems, which are offered to its clients following a careful analysis of their needs to identify solutions that are able to ensure optimal performance while fitting the clients’ budget. In this way, clients have the opportunity to bring innovations – radical at times – into their organization while optimizing the life cycle of the purchased goods.

is a Gold Partner Dell

A 360 degree technological partner