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Monitoring and processing of unlikely-to-pay loans

The Legal HUB system facilitates monitoring and processing of UTP (unlikely to pay) loans, while facilitating the management of all the activities prior to the NPL (Non Performing Loans) processing phases.

This software can be adapted to the client’s internal processes and allows maximum integration between the bank’s process or the activity of the NPL office and the law firm, in a win-win perspective.


bank processes with those of the law firm in a win-win perspective


the management of unlikely-to-pay loans


the constant monitoring of non-performing loans

Why choose LegalHUB

Legal HUB adapts to the organizational structure of the client bank for managing activities relative to the processing of any type of non-performing loan.


> Facilitates the management of unlikely- to-pay loans.
> Proposes a win-win process between bank and law firm.
> Adapts to the internal processes of the bank, the NPL office and the law firm.
> Available with dedicated hosting infrastructure, 100Mbps redundant connectivity and redundant backup on two Italian cities (Florence and Rome) with customizable timeframes and methods (ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 certified external Data Center).
> Enables to immediately assess and constantly monitor any type of non-performing loan.

Loan management and processing