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A tool for controlling real estate portfolios

REadvice provides efficient, easy-to-use tools to help professionals assist their clients in analyzing and understanding their real estate portfolio and the associated financial and economic effects.

REadvice provides a team of professionals who work alongside the relationship manager in defining solutions for the client, while providing support in analysis activities. Thanks to the proprietary software, the client is able to simulate the purchase and sale of properties and analyze new economic and financial flows.


The proprietary software enables to analyze the real estate portfolio


The system enables to produce a report on the client’s position


Assists the consultant by providing a complete picture of the position

Why choose REadvice

REadvice stems from the project idea of a group of professionals who have combined diversified experiences gained in distinct professional fields.
The common goal was to develop an innovative project aimed at offering consulting services addressed to the clients’ real estate assets.
REadvice, as proprietary software, helps to take the first step in analyzing a real estate portfolio and prepare reports to provide clients with an in-depth picture of the actual status of their real estate assets from a financial standpoint.
A multidisciplinary team of specialists

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A multidisciplinary team of specialists