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Activities and Services


Having gained experience and skills in the main technologies, we are able to deliver highly qualified digital transformation services, from the most consolidated application technologies to the most innovative ones.

Strategic Integration

We analyze the client’s organizational processes to generate IT solutions designed to achieve organizational efficiency (reduction of costs and risks as well as process, product and service innovation).

Business Intelligence

We verify and monitor the logical consistency of databases for setting up integrated models, and create organizational and management systems to improve business processes.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning and new technologies.
Benefind acts as a connector between the world of university research and large–scale businesses, in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Siena.

Digital Growth Program

A program dedicated to start-ups or small / micro enterprises that need to develop dedicated software solutions or digital projects, without having to bear the operational and structural costs for activating an IT department inside the company.

On – Site Operational Consulting

We develop specific projects and activities at the headquarters of our national and international clients, generating synergies with company teams. Our consultants, who provide professional support, include software developers, project managers, analysts and testers.

Digital Incubator

Benefind proposes a model for start-ups involved in creating innovative projects which require the development of skills and products in the digital field. Benefind’s expertise and skills are instrumental in creating an effective and sustainable business, while sharing economic efforts and enhancing growth opportunities.

IT Support

Benefind offers IT consultancy in the main languages and development areas, as well as support for software testing and systems assistance. As regards the application management area, Benefind stands out for its ability to deliver services with an adequate balance between development and functional support activities.

Leasing & factoring consultant

Based on its extensive experience in the sector, Benefind is a particularly qualified partner for credit institutions and leasing & factoring companies that are willing to respond to the changes in the real estate and credit market with competence and professionalism. In addition to consulting services, Benefind offers specific products, such as the M.A.CRE factoring platform and the platform dedicated to real estate leasing.