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Innovative technological support for businesses

Benefind promotes an innovative concept for implementing technology potentials

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Innovation applied to business processes


Advanced IT consulting

Benefind offers IT services to support clients in the digitization of business process

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IT products

Gisco is a platform that enables to plan, monitor and share processes in a practical and reliable way

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A powerful management tool
Periodic Leasing Magazine - Financial leasing and long-term leasing

M.A.CRE. Management analysis of the factoring product

M.A.CRE. (Credit Alert Monitoring), developed by Benefind for the factoring industry, is a tool designed to meet the need for improvement and make the assignor /debtor monitoring process more manageable and likewise, enable the underlying relationship to be dealt with in the most effective manner while facilitating the factor’s commercial development.
A dashboard for managing factoring relationships at best

M.A.CRE. a tool designed for factoring specialists

M.A.CRE. is proving increasingly successful in the banking and financial field as it represents a highly efficient element for managing factoring relationships.