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M.A.CRE. Factoring

The platform for monitoring assignor and debtor positions

The platform provides a specific company dashboard within the factoring ambit to summarize information residing on various company systems, with the aim of supporting users by connecting “exogenous” and “endogenous” alerts. M.A.CRE. is a credit monitoring platform customized according to the level of interest: managers, assignors, debtors, loans office and general management.

and makes homogenous the data present in the various information systems through a single control / operational dashboard
targeted contact / reminder actions (e-mail, PEC, telephone) relevant to the commercial
a specific company dashboard in the factoring ambit, customized according to the level of interest

Why choose M.A.CRE.

An effective “risk management” system in the factoring ambit cannot overlook an in-depth analysis of debtor behaviour. The constant and methodical observation of debtor behaviour, besides providing particularly valuable risk management insights, allows factoring companies to implement corrective actions in a timely manner.


> Provides managers with a handy control dashboard.
> Allows for an easier analysis of “multi-assigned” debtor counterparties.
> Allows to drill-down through the various positions while avoiding “redundancy” with the management system
> Enables to run a management process that is more akin to the Risk Management culture.
> Facilitates the manager’s task by organizing the relevant reports according to intervention priority, on the basis of the calculated risk level.
The factoring platform> Allows for an immediate, intuitive and full 360 degree view of both assignor and debtor, who are related to each other.

The factoring platform