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M.A.CRE. a tool designed for factoring specialists

M.A.CRE. is proving increasingly successful in the banking and financial field as it represents a highly efficient element for managing factoring relationships.

An effective risk management system in the factoring industry cannot overlook the importance of in-depth analysis of assignor and / or debtor behaviour.

Given the evolution of channels and methods for acquiring new customers, M.A.CRE. Factoring is an extension to the systems adopted, and as such, is able to accurately analyze and monitor the performance of assignor and / or debtor relationships and constantly intercept typical and specialized factoring-related information as well as information retrievable from “exogenous” and “endogenous” databases.
In fact, constant and methodical observation of debtor behaviour, besides providing particularly valuable risk management insights, allows the factoring company to implement timely corrective actions.
Our years-long experience as IT provider in the banking and financial sector allows us to clearly see that the main objective for factoring companies is to find solutions aimed at containing credit costs and improving the services delivered to the clientele through ongoing debtor monitoring.
This is not always easy and never straightforward. However, thanks to our system, it is possible to achieve effectiveness and efficiency while improving and accelerating operational and decision-making processes and collecting summary information which actually proves useful in a dashboard, such as to enable:
  • automatic, constant and periodic analysis, based on experience on relationships with clustering of the same based on calculated risk;
  • distribution to “managers” of information on risks and trends with detected alerts to allow targeted interventions;
  • provide the competent departments with adequate summary reports on risk management or commercial development.
A dashboard for managing factoring relationships at best
A dashboard for managing factoring relationships at best