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Training as a tool of excellence

Staff training, if carried out properly, allows the company to remain competitive in a historical context that is rapidly evolving; competition, especially in the sector at issue, is very high.
A company can be viewed as a delicate ecosystem in which employees are the most important part as they ensure the smooth operation and competitiveness of the company itself.
While this may seem strange on the outside, human capital is regarded as being the greatest value for IT companies, and as such, should be constantly enhanced and incorporated into the surrounding environment.
As a company, we promote the implementation of internal training courses to motivate employees to learn new skills and improve those already in place. Staff training, in fact, allows the company to stay highly competitive in a market where evolution is very rapid.
We have ascertained that enhancing employee professionalism can be achieved only through the development and strengthening of internal human resources; in this respect, the ability to adapt (and in this specific case, to stimulate) technological and cultural changes, is also a critical characteristic factor. This is why training is necessary and indispensable to motivate employees to grow, acquire further skills and perform their duties at best, while keeping in mind the set goals. However, our attention is not only focused towards ourselves. In fact, we believe we are ambassadors of this digital revolution that our entire society is currently undergoing. For this reason, we have established important collaborations with companies specialized in the training field, such as Gi Formazione, Esedra Formazione and ISTUM, an institute for management studies.
Worth of mention is the creation, in collaboration with Gi Formazione, of a specialization course for new graduates in the IT field who were willing to enhance their skills in the Java programming language. At the end of the course, 84% of the participants joined the Benefind staff.
Our focus on workplace training
Our focus on workplace training